Monday, January 29, 2007

As far as I know...

... mission accomplished. I turned in my mixes for the Nicholas Alan record (title tba). In sad news today, 2006's Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was euthanized today. They tried to keep him healthy, but to no avail. Oh well.
Apparently, the new Marshall Tucker record is well under way. I can't wait to put a touch on it somewhere. There's also a small possibility that I might have to play sax & flute on the next gig in Bow, WA. David Muse's mother is not well. I wish the best for her & her family.
Other than mixing, I didn't do anything today. It was a great 10 hour mix session today. I only left to grap a bite to eat... however, time flie when you're having fun (or so I am told).