Saturday, January 6, 2007

In Tune

The world was in tune. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. My belly was full of fire. Things were going to happen today. Nothing was stopping me from making music today. Nothing stopping me but some one else working in my studio. Apparently some one booked the room today and forgot to tell me. Oh well. So I started writing charts for Nicholas Alan (with the NFL playoffs in the background).
I also did some slide playing in a new tuning. From what I've read, it's what Ry Cooder likes to use (DGDGBD). It's a version of open G. It's one string off from Shawn Mullins' "Lullaby" tuning (GGDGDBD). The dobro version is GBDGBD. It's higher and has less "bluesy" tendencies. It's pretty good for bluegrass though. Above is picture of Ry Cooder's main Stratocaster. It's been modified to use a Teisco & an Oahu pickup.
I got to hit the studio tonight at 8pm. I had some "moments" tonight. Things were clicking. I also spent the last hour cleaning the space. Organization is the theme of the year.