Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pats, Colts, Bears, Saints

And so it goes... two new faces to the NFC Championship Game & two old faces to the AFC. I actually got a chance to watch the regular season matchup between Indy & New England. I was in a tralier park in Austin. The Patriots were still "finding" themselves back then. Tonight they found themselves beating the "best" team in the NFL in a sqeaker.
I write about this because my love for the Patriots grew in 3 different times in my life. The first was when I moved to Boston for school. That year, Bill Parcells took the Pats to the Super Bowl (consequently, losing to the Pack). The 2nd happened when they drafted Patrick Pass in 1999. Patrick and I played little league ball together. He was always one notch above everyone else. He may not be a stand out in the NFL (or college for that matter), but I root for them just because he's on the team.
The third reason is the hiring of Bill Belichick. This reason is in hind sight. I think he's the best coach out there. I guess I agree with most of the experts in that respect.
The members of Y-O-U are from the Indainapolis area. If they lose to my boys, then the rehearsal the following day might be a little awkward. However, I still want the Pats to win it all!