Saturday, July 7, 2007

Burgettstown, PA

I did a bunch of 'amp' research this afternoon. I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with my amp's sound. Coming from a technical standpoint, the amp is just too loud. In my opinion, most amps don't sound good until their on 7. In the case of this amp, if I turn it on 7... then dogs in the next state should be able to hear it on a clear night. 100 Watt amps are good for clean sounds. I need a 50 watt amp. Anything below 30 Watts would be to anemic. The 18 Watt 65 Amps London is just too quiet for a Marshall Tucker stage. Also, for Tucker, 6L6's sound better. Or maybe 6550's or KT88's. EL 34's & EL 84's are too brittle for the desired sound. The style of guitar that I play with them just sounds better with 6L6 tubes. Let the search begin.
The show tonight was even better than last night. It was well attended (perhaps, even sold out). We played first in the line up. The Outlaws have their best draw of any city in Pittsburgh. It was strange to play a short set & wait over 2 hours to Jam with Charlie.
Braves win.