Monday, July 16, 2007

En Route

Leave at checkout. A few pit stops & we were off. Our road manager, David, put on "Lonesome Dove" & put us all asleep. 6 hour western/dramas always relax me. I had never seen it before. I read the book in high school. It was written by Larry McMurtry - father of little known great songwriter James McMurtry.
I finally woke up & didn't do much for many more hours. The new episode of Big Love was good - uneventful, but good... but I wouldn't expect any less at this point. HBO kicks so much ass that it makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel terrible for the other networks. You wouldn't think that strong language & adult content would make such a difference. I guess that it comes down to writing. The good writers like the freedom I guess. The other networks have money - but still most of them bat under .200.