Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I paid a visit to Georgia Case Company this morning. They made a custom case for the in-ear rack for The Marshall Tucker Band. I always spend too much time when I visit. I picked up Chris Hicks' amp from Jeff Bakos. He did a rush job for us in repairing it so fast. He's the man. I also had a good conversation with mastering engineer Larry Anthony. He runs CSS Mastering. He suggest a few changes to the control room & that I read a few publications. I was just looking to learn more about the science of music. I know that sounds weird, but sound is just manipulated vibrations. It can't hurt to know 'why' something happens in addition to 'how.'
I came home & prepared for the road tomorrow. I made a few sandwiches for the bus. I also packed & brought in the plants from outside. I'm such a Suzy Homemaker.
Michelle & I hit Vortex for a burger. She's been having some back pain. The doctor gave her some muscle relaxers so she's out soon after consumption.