Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Decatur, GA

I tried to rest over the past 3 days. I've been trying to shake the sick. I have some sort of malady in my throat. The worst part is that I'm almost out of antibiotics. I should've been resting for the past week. My dumb ass plays shows, goes to footbal games, & plays sessions. I'll learn one of these days... I think.
The gig tonight was the "Super Happy Fun Time Hour." Everyone did great. I was lucky to NOT run out of ideas. I was constantly inspired by the crowd & the other artists who played the show with me. Mark Cobb was amazing. The impromptu version of "Neon" was classic. I can't wait to hear the CD. Mark is a great musician. Also, Shalom Albere did a great job with the sound. Gareth, Bieser, & EKB were also great!
Matthew Kahler & Eddie Owen did a great rendition (with me in tow) of a song about the late Uncle Mark Reynolds. I love this venue.