Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Day to Do

Not much sleep last night. We got up fairly early. Michelle went for a doctor's appointment early this morning in Snellville (which, for those who don't know, is about a 45 min. - an hour trip from our house considering traffic). Don't worry, she's fine. We stayed in Snellville for a little while & ran errands. The boys, our Schnauzers Pete & Charlie, attended the trip with us. Before we left, we ended up leaving Charlie with Michelle's Mom & taking Michelle's Mom's dog, Alex, home with us. I guess that's how we shake things up around here. I think we're also taking him to the groomer tomorrow as well.
I spent a couple of hours at the studio tidying up for some of the other sessions that will take place here this week while I'm gone. I also made some mixes of my music (for quality control purposes). I'm still not done with this record - but I'm awful close. It's kinda hard doing it all on my own, but at least it will be all me.