Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tuscaloosa, AL

I got up pretty late. Maureen, Michelle, & I had lunch at Doc Green's. Then we sat around for a couple of hours.
The bus picked me up at the airport at 5:45pm. We took our time on the way to Tuscaloosa. We picked up David Muse at the Birmingham, AL airport.
I saw some of the best basketball I've ever seen today. San Antonio, Phoenix, Utah, New Orleans - everyone looked ridiculously good. Chris Paul is amazing. Tim Duncan is the most uninterestingly spectacular player that I've ever seen. I've never had so much watching round one of any best of 7 series. You gotta give it up! The NBA is thriving for the first time since Jordan left (the second time).
I'm not sure exactly what the gig was for tonight. I do know that Costa Del Mar sunglasses were the sponsor & there were a lot of college kids. Eric Church Band opened up. They were pretty good (for a Nashville style band - of which I hate that type of band). Our set was blazing. We also were playing really loud - but in a good way. We were on our way back home by 3AM EST.