Friday, May 9, 2008

Columbus, IN - American Pie

I was up by 6am. 5 hours of sleep. I had breakfast, took a shower, & loaded up the rental car. I drove a little over an hour to the Philadelphia airport. There was a huge rain storm. I was soaked while trying to return the car to Avis. I took the rental car bus to the terminal & checked my bag with the man outside. I finally got through security & landed in a seat at my gate (an hour before boarding). Our plane was late landing due to the weather so boarding was late (as was our takeoff time). We ended up leaving a full hour later than scheduled. Other than that it was pretty uneventful.
After landing, I had to wait for my guitar for a while. I finally got it & then made my way to the next rental car place. I finally got a car & took off from Indianapolis for Columbus. I finally pulled into my destination at 4pm.
The gig tonight was so fun. It was a show called Amercian Pie. It was a musical review of pop culture & rock'n'roll from the last 50 years. I did this show 3 years ago. I had more fun this time. It was a marathon though. I was already tired & the show lasted 4 hours.
After the show, Mark Cobb & I made our way back to Indianapolis. We stayed with his sister (even if for just 3 hours). I'm about to crash (1am).