Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sellersville, PA

I was up & atom by 8:45am. I have an early rise time tomorrow so I thought that I'd give myself an advantage to getting up. I had breakfast with Jimmy, our bus driver. I then spent most of the day resting, learning the American Pie setlist, & plotting tomorrow's trip. It seems like it's gonna be a doozie.
Our friend, Mike Madden, took me to Allentown so I could rent a car. I have to drive myself to the Philly airport tomorrow morning.
We've played the Sellersville Theatre before. I've played it at least on two other occasions. The crowd is always great & the room sounds fabulous. However, I had no idea what was in store for me.
I can definitively say that I played me best live show ever tonight. I say that without hyperbole. NO mistakes. I was going out on limps, trying things - & pulling them off. There was an exciting vibe on that stage tonight. We supposedly rolled tape on that on tonight... even if it was just a two track room mix. I was proud to be on that stage tonight.
I must slumber... for tomorrow is a true test of manhood.