Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brain Wiltsey (day two)

I made a trip to Atlanta Pro Audio this morning. I picked up my repaired Beyerdynamic M500 microphone. It sounds really good on guitar amps. I also found the time to finish the mix on Aslyn's demos that we recorded on Sunday.
I spent a good bit of the day tightening up the loose ends on Brian Wilsey's preproduction/production (form markers, setting up drums, wiring the kit, patching for tonight's session etc.). When Mark Cobb showed up at 6pm everything was squeaky clean, ready-to-go. We were cutting tracks less than an hour later. Mark knows how to hit the drums to get the best sound out of them. That may seem like a funny statement, but most drummers don't hit the drums (or cymbals for that matter) correctly. I understand beating the drums to death in hard rock, metal, & punk music - but why would you do it on a pop rock record? I'll never understand.
Tonight went like clockwork. We even had time half way through tracking to go out & sit down for dinner. Mark was packing up by midnight. He played on 8 & 1/2 songs... songs he'd never heard. Granted, I did make detailed charts for him to read but the devil's in the details... & he's got some great details.
After a pretty involved clean up, I was on my way home by 2am. I think it's time to hit the hay.