Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Camp Jam - Dallas

I got a ton of sleep - a ton of sleep for some one who got up at 5am. I left Atlanta on American flight #450 bound for Dallas. I taxied to Camp Jam from the airport. I don't take taxis often - & not by myself with a guitar in a flight case. I live a sheltered life.
I did a clinic for the Dallas Camp Jam today. I basically fill an hour with playing, talking about music & my career, & answering any questions that the kids might have for me. This Camp Jam was smaller but I had more fun doing it. The kids were responsive & the staff was great. Brian & Mick, two instructors, played a few tunes with me. It was a wonderful experience. Honestly, I had no idea what I was stepping into. It's one thing to put one of these clinics on at the Atlanta camp because I know that Mark Cobb & Nick Niespodziani are right behind me. I have confidence in that. You never know what you're going to get from city to city. I was lucky enough to come roses on this one. Mick was Yngwie Malmsteen's bassist for a few years. He was a real interesting guy. He was originally from Argentina but was raised in England. Great player too. Usually you would say the word Yngwie & musicians already have preconceived notions.
I was back at D/FW around 3pm bound for Jackson Hole via Denver. I must admit, it was a bumping flight especially leaving Denver - & I fly a lot. As best as I can remember, I've never been to Jackson Hole, WY. I was truly amazed at it's beauty when I steeped off of the plain. There's something really cool about snow capped mountains in the middle of the summer. It looked like a beer commercial.
Oh yeah, we're staying at the Four Season in Teton Village. Since it's a ski community (not unlike Vail or Aspen) they have villas here. I'm staying in a 3 bedroom suite with a kitchen. There's a bathroom, deck, & TV for each room. So this is what it's like to travel like Mariah Carey.