Thursday, June 19, 2008

Camp Jamming

I rolled out of bed into the car. I put on another Master Class at Camp Jam this morning. I talked about the blues again.
Shortly after that was over we (drummer Mark Cobb & Nick Niespodiani) packed up a van & headed to Cleveland, GA. We taught at a summer camp for the afternoon. I guess it was one of their electrives for the day. All of the musically inclined kids signed up to perform in a show this afternoon. We had a band each to teach. "My" band had a pianist, bassist, guitarist, drummer, vocalist & a violist. I was pretty cool. I coached them to play a version of James Taylor's "Fire & Rain" & Ben E. Lee's "Stand By Me." They killed it.
Afterwards we played a a short set with Tim Smith. Tim has played with Sheryl Crow for over a decade. The kids dug it & it made us feel good that we could help these kids throw together a decent show.
I finally got home around 9:30pm. I spent the next hour packing & getting ready for my working weekend. I also watched the season finally for Dexter, Season 1. It's a pretty well written show.