Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here Come Da Moose!

After a 3am sleep time, one of my dogs, Charlie, decided he needed to wake me up at 7am. He demanded (in the Queen's English) to be taken outside & fed. So I did. For reasons unbeknownst to me I couldn't fall back asleep. I had to be in the shower by 9am anyway.
I had a 10am appointment at Saturn of Decatur to get my front driver's side light assembly replaced (& my oil changed). I ordered the part last week - at least I asked them to order the part. It wasn't in stock. For the inconvenience, they changed my oil for free, made me a new appointment & sent me on my way. No worries.
I then drove to Emily Kate Boyd's new place just outside of Decatur. She has offered to paint a portrait of me for my new album's artwork. So I sat for 2 minutes while she took some pictures. She rocks.
After that I went back to the studio to finish the clean up of last night's session. I also made 4 copies of my new record for some people.
Michelle & her Mom rode up around 4pm in our drive way. The boys were really glad to see them. I guess I'm just not that cool. It took her 3 hours to complete her re-entry. Re-entry is the things that you do wupon coming home from a trip, i.e., unpacking your bag, taking a shower, putting things away, washing clothes, etc. It is something that I do on a weekly basis - so I've got it down.
We had a great afternoon together. I missed her.