Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rock 'n Roll Charity

I was blowing out the door at 10:30am with my Gibson Firebird in the back seat. I had to pick up my pedal steel at the studio. I also hit up the Apple Store at Lenox Mall (it was on the way to the "gig").
I did a clinic for Camp Jam - Atlanta today. I talked about my career in music. I talked about improvisation (mainly over the blues - because it's easier to explain). It was a lot of fun.
I then went back to the studio for a few hours. I met a sax player who's moving to Atlanta & was looking for some advice. I guess it was micro mentoring.
I came home for a couple hours of fine dinner & relaxation. Then it was off to Smith's. I played 4 of my songs with The Vagabonds tonight. It was a great night - a little long winded but still good.
Michelle & I finally got home for good around 11:30pm. Just enough time to see the Lakers beat Boston. I love the NBA now.