Saturday, June 28, 2008

Veneta, OR

Upon a great night's sleep I rolled out of bed & made myself some granola cereal. They charged me $3 for a glass of milk downstairs in the restaurant. Isn't that almost as much as a gallon?
Anyway, I walked to downtown Corvallis. It's a cool, old college town not unlike Athens, GA. There are a ton of shops & places to eat. I made a grocery store run & stocked up my un-perishable food box on the bus.
I've been watching Dexter, Season 2 on my iPod lately. It's a really great show. I add it to the half dozen plus shows that I follow regularly. It's amazing. Back in the '80's & '90's there were a lot of sit coms that ruled the TV. Now it seems that hour long, drama-suspenses that are shot like movies are the way to go: the CSI's, anything on HBO or Showtime, House, 24, & anything that fits that profile.
We played Veneta, OR tonight. It was vineyard out in the middle of nowhere. People still showed up though. Again, Marcus showed up & played his ass off. He fits perfectly with Chris & me. More importantly he fits with this band. I can't wait until it's clicking on all cylinders. The scary part is - it's clicking really, really well 2 gigs in.