Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Is It Possible?

Michelle & I left the house with only 2 real goals: to vote & to eat lunch with her parents. Our day went like this: vote, bank, lunch, walk dogs, Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, I traded a guitar at Midtown Music, we took the dogs out again, dinner, she cleaned the studio, I picked up the master from yesterday's mix, we bought her a pair of jeans, & we went grocery shopping. I'm not kidding. We had no plans today & we got all of this done. What a day.
I traded my Firebird III for a National Vintage Tricone resonator guitar. There were 3 things that I didn't like about the Firebird: 1. the inlays were dots & I wanted trapezoids (like on the Firebird V) 2. It had a tremolo that I didn't like on it (so much so that I disabled it after a month) 3. It was just too big. I couldn't fly it & it didn't fit in any of our tall guitar cases - we put 3-4 guitar cases, vertical, in one big case on the truck. It's case was bigger than a bass. It was just too big. That equity was better suited for a guitar that was different than anything that I have. I've had resonator guitars before but never one this good. I plan to use it on records more than anything. It's just another timbre in my bag of tricks now.