Monday, December 1, 2008

Gareth Asher (day six)

Ahh, December. I remember it well. Michelle & I made a day of errands. It's good to spend some time together. We both know that I'll be consistently on the road in a month. We're making the most of the time now.
I rolled into the studio around 3:30pm. I cleaned up the weekend's mess & set up for the evening. Gareth finally showed up, sick as a dog. We comped 4 vocals from last week & then I sent him home.
Mark Cobb showed up around 9pm for percussion. He's really good at it. It only took him an hour & a half to play a whole record of percussion.
After he left, I set up & played steel guitar, Rhodes, & electric guitar. I also edited some of Mark's percussion; mainly muting things.