Monday, December 8, 2008

Reed Turner (day one)

I tried... I really tried my very best. I really wanted to sleep late today. I still found myself awake by 7:45am. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. You're up.
I tried to take advantage of my new found time. I was in a minor fender bender (his fault) on Friday. I made contact with his insurance company this morning & got the ball rolling on that. I also did some XMAS shopping for Michelle. I love buying her stuff.
I also ran to Conyers, GA to swap out my neck plate on my Esquire. Peter Jones accidentally put the wrong neck plate on my Esquire when he refretted it last week.
I went home for lunch & to help Michelle hang a couple of XMAS lights on the outside of the house.
I then drove to Mark Cobb's house to pick up a couple of snare drums & a gaggle of cymbals for tonight's session.
I promptly made it to the studio by 3pm. I spent the next 2 hours setting up for the week. I set up drums, bass, electric, & acoustic with a vocal mic.
We started tracking Reed Turner's album shortly after dinner. We got 4 songs done so far. I'd say we might get another done before the end of the night. We're just cutting the basic tracks. His band knows the stuff back & forth so it's moving really fast.