Thursday, February 12, 2009

Calabasas, CA

I stayed in a hotel with my wife last night. They dropped me off at the bus around 1pm. We made our way to the next gig. We played a AAA radio conference in Calabasas today. It was kind of a weird experience. It's not only a private gig but a gig in front of exclusively industry folk. So far with the ZBB, it's been screaming fans. Screaming country fans to boot. This is different. We were playing for a completely different radio demographic. We played absolutely nothing that would classify as country or get played on country radio.
I'm pretty sure that it worked out well for us in our 30 minute set. These things are so stuffy. I'd better get used to it. We've got at least 3 left on the books... & I'm sure more will eventually show up.
After the gig, we drove the bus to Ocean Beach which is due west of San Diego. Dad & Michelle, again, picked me up. We had sushi & are about to pass out at the hotel. I have a 5am bus call so I'd better get some sleep. Travel & Mardi Gras tomorrow.