Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cleveland, OH

So I'll start with the events immediately after my last blog. We went to Kid Rock's house for the evening. We ended up recording a new song in his home studio. I was extremely impressed with his recording setup. He's such a cool guy. I would've never thought that based on his stage persona.
Anyway, we ended up staying there all day & night on Monday. We played basketball on his court, we swam in his heated pool, & we drove go carts on his go cart track. He even fed us... well.
We left his house this morning for Cleveland. We played the House of Blues tonight. We also had my first photo session with the band. Zac also bought one of my favorite types of instruments today: a vintage Gibson J45 acoustic guitar. I used to have on but sold it when I needed money. I miss it. I'm glad Zac got such a great deal on it.
Anyway, the show tonight was fantastic. We were contracted for 90 minutes but played over 2 hours. Even though I appreciate all of the performance opportunites that we've had over the past week, I still prefer headlining & playing a full set.
On to West Virginia...