Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birmingham, AL

What a day. I was up around 8am. Believe me, I was one of the only ones. Most everyone rocked it hard last night in Memphis. It was a nice morning though. It also was on it's way to being super hot... which it achieved.
We had a photoshoot from 11:30m-3pm. It was mainly for American Songwriter magazine, but I'm sure we'll use some of the shots for new promo pics. It wasn't that the shoot was demanding, it just took away from our normal scheduled easy day. Therefore, tonight's show in the humidity & the heat, minus an easy day, equalled my current state of soreness, dehydration, & exhaustion. Guess I'm just getting older. I really have to pace myself. Tonight's show was dubbed "The P90X" show by Jimmy. It was a success, but it took its toll for sure. I've played here many times with Marshall Tucker: Verizon Wireless Music Center. It was good to play here again. This is actually where John Mayer recorded his first live DVD/CD.
Two HUMONGOUS shows next for us: CMA Fest & Bonneroo. Stoked for both. Stay the course. A thousand points of life. Focus, Daniel-son.