Friday, June 18, 2010

Somerset, WI (where?)

The never ending festival day. Not much to do back stage. I could've worked out with Jimmy & the crew. Just decided not to. I restrung ALL of my instruments - all before noon. Bands all day on the stage. I took a nap (a couple of times). I'm diggin' on Sci-Fi Channel's version of Dune. It's a mini-series so it's kinda long. Just straight diggin' on it.
Hopkins sang his part on the Joey+Rory tune that I sung on a couple of days ago. I sent it to Keith Stegall this afternoon.
We also celebrated Paul & Jeffrey's birthdays at dinner. Rusty & Josh made lasagna (& we had some birthday cake).
Since I had so much rest, I was a little spark plug on stage tonight. I've had my in ear monitors up too loud the past few nights. I need to quit that shit. It's easier to hear everything & rock - but not for 4 hours. I need to watch it. That's how you lose your hearing.
Anyway, ready to continue the Dune. I also have Children of Dune waiting on me when this is done. Über-dork, I know!