Saturday, June 19, 2010

Walker, MN

Loooong day today. We got there around 8am. Loaded in. We were totally done with the stage by 10:30am. & then the waiting began. Yesterday & today I had the perfect opportunity to work out. 50% laziness, 40% not wanting to be sore for this run, & 10% waiting until the right time to start deterred me heavily. I do, however, have a plan for reentry into the work of athletics.
We took a picture for We covered our hands in Hershey's chocolate syrup for the pic. It looked like oil. Cool pic.
The Eat & Greet was fun. A little weird because normal festival patrons could see us. The backstage was only separated by a chain link fence. So, people lined up along the outside of that fence & took pictures not 10 feet away from the Eat & Greet. A little awkward.
The artists for today's festival lineup were Chuck Wicks, Colt Ford, Sammy Kershaw, Kellie Pickler, & us. I felt like it took forever for it to be our turn to play. 11pm couldn't have come any sooner. The RAWK was experienced. Paul made an unorthodox set list for tonight. A true breath of fresh air. We opened with "Devil"... "Free" was 3rd, "Who Knows?" was just before "Chicken Fried" at the end & "Highway 20 Ride" was closer to the end too. Those tunes are usually in the exact opposite of those locations. Great changes.
Not a bad day at all. On to Prior Lake.