Friday, August 13, 2010

Camden, NJ

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I haven't blogged. It's been brutal. The schedule has been frantic but the shows have the been the best ever. We played Raleigh on Wednesday, Virginia Beach on Thursday, & Philly tonight. Tonight's show was the biggest crowd that we've ever headlined for: 16,000+. We're so lucky.
Also, the new show is unbelievable. The Wood Brothers & Casey Driessen are a perfect fit for us & our crowd. Kudos also to the lighting & video guys.
I'm beat. Working out, phone interviews, in-person interviews, & the high stress level of a new, complex show has taken it's toll. But I feel good. I'll try to everyone up to date as much as possible. Less interviews - more blog.
PS. Finally heard all of the final mixes for our new record. LOVE IT!