Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Detroit, MI

D-Town fo' life!
Detroit is ALWAYS a good time. Upon getting up this morning I had the new album waiting for me on my desktop. It took most of the night to download a CD quality record on our shitty bus 3G router. I showered then listened. Shortly after the album was finished we took a 15 passenger van to Chrysler. The took us around their test track in a few souped up Dodge products. The best was riding in their Viper ACR with their best driver at the wheel. "Scared" does NOT cover the range of emotions that I was feeling. I lived though.
We had a great show in D-Town tonight. We played DTE Energy Center - formerly Pine Knob. I've been playing there since I was 21. Love it. Of course, Kid Rock joined us on stage tonight. We did a pretty good version of Marshall Tucker Band's classic "Can't You See," a song that I am intimately familiar with. The crowd was fantastic. Detroit has ALWAYS been a great town for music.
Anyway, I'm out.