Monday, December 6, 2010

Chester, VT (a.k.a., Day Off)

I drove today. We left Durham, NH (a.k.a., UNH) around 12:30pm bound for Chester, VT (via Concord, NH). We had to ship some merch to Pittsburgh & visit the bank to deposit some $. It was a nice relaxing drive through the snow today.
When we got to Chester our new friend Stephen was here to greet us. I'm still unclear on how we know Stephen. I just know that we are staying in this 130 year old house because of him. This place is pretty rad. Stephen also owns a business called He had 15-20 guitars waiting to hang out with us during our stay. I, of course, bought one: a 1940 Bronson's Radio King square neck acoustic. It's all mahogany, in great condition, you play it on your lap, it sounds great, & he gave me a SMOKING deal on it. He'll be shipping it to Atlanta for me.
Tomorrow brings the unknown of Canada. This will be my first trip to Montreal. Apparently, they got quite a bit of snow today & that trend should continue over the next 3 days. Still, looking forward to new experiences.
Until tomorrow. Must rest up. Over & out.