Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Montréal, QB

We left Chester, VT this morning around 10am. We had a great drive up to the border. Then it started to snow. It took us about half an hour to get through the Canadian border. I guess we looked rather suspicious. We also got stuck behind tandem snow plows (one in the left lane, one in the right) for 30 minutes. It reduced our speed from 100 kMh to 40kMh. Soooo... we were a bit late. The set up & soundcheck was timely & good. Dinner was great. My set was solid. I feel really good about playing again (my own stuff). Can't wait for the Levi tour.
Tonight's turn out was about 60 folks. That's about what we expected. Heavy snow kept a great deal of people away I'd imagine. Our trip to the hotel was eventful. I'm glad that we have two experienced "snow" drivers in the fold. Chris Wood lives in upstate NY & drives through a good bit of snow in the winter. Our ace in the hole is Christian Dugas. He lives in Winnipeg. They have A LOT of snow where he's from.
My first touring snafu just happened downstairs in the lobby of the hotel. I booked my room at one of the OTHER locations for Hotel Dauphin here in Montréal. It was a $90 mistake. I guess I'll keep a closer eye on it in the future. Pretty embarrassing though.
LOOOONG day tomorrow. & an early one. It's 1am now. 6am wakeup call & a full day of driving, then a show, then a long, early drive the following day. This tour is NOT for the meek.