Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nashville, TN

I finally stopped for a few days once reaching Myrtle Beach, SC. I got the much needed sleep. I relaxed. I ate. Things got back to normal. I spent Christmas morning there but Stephanie & I drove back to Atlanta on Christmas day. We had dinner at my Mom's. It was a pretty good Christmas. VERY different, but good nonetheless. After a couple more days of R&R & running errands, I met the bus last night at the warehouse. We left Atlanta around 11pm bound for Nashville.
Like a normal tour day, I rolled out of my bunk this morning & walked into the venue trying to familiarize myself with the surroundings. After a shower & some breakfast, Coy & I made a trip to Gruhn's Guitars. I traded a guitar for a Calton case & an amplifier. Soon after that we had a couple of hours of interviews with USAToday & Associated Press. Then, we had to do some assorted soundchecks. I was using a new guitar rig on stage & a new guitar for that matter. I spent a little more time on stage than anyone else this afternoon.
Then we had the Eat & Greet. It was a run of the mill E&G. No problems. Shortly after that the band made its way backstage to find the '72 Cadillac El Dorado waiting for Zac courtesy of one Mr. Alan Jackson. It was pretty awesome. Alan ended up singing our duet with us tonight on stage. It was a great night for music in Nashville. Jerry Douglas sat in with us. I love it when he plays with us.
All in all... a great night back from break. Can't wait for New Year's Eve.