Sunday, December 5, 2010

Newmarket, NH

5 hours to sleep. Today started with a flight from Pittsburgh to Philly. Then a flight from Philly to Manchester, NH. I was doing alright until we loaded in. Then I started to falter. My set was good. I gave it ever last bit of energy I had. Then came The Wood Brotehrs' set. They did well. I played & sang well too, but I was SOOOO tired. It's one of those situations where I played great but looked like I was asleep on stage. In my state you can have one or the other - not both.
I survived. We played the Stone Church in Newmarket, NH. I played there once with Shawn in 2006. It closed down - then reopened under new management. It's a bit different now. Oh well. Day off tomorrow. A full night's sleep tonight. Bring it on.