Friday, December 3, 2010

Portland, ME

Today was easy peasy japaneesey. We left the hotel at noon. Hit up a Legal Seafood before we even got to Boston. For those of you who don't know about Legal Seafood - it's a chain seafood joint in the northeast that kicks ass. It was a little expensive for lunch but it was worth it. A 3 hour ride awaited us. No problems on the road. I even caught a 15 minute nap in the back seat of the van. I listened to Doyle Bramhall II's Smokestack album called "Welcome." If you are a guitarist - you need this record. I bought it new almost 10 years ago & it NEVER gets old.
Since we are very east & very north in Portland, it was rather dark when we loaded in at 4:30pm. The venue was awesome. Port City Music Hall is now one of my favorite listening rooms in the country. This is picture of it> It was a quick set up. Christian Dugas (The Wood Brothers' drummer) & I went to a music store to get some supplies. He bought a drum head & I was in search of tubes for Oliver's back-up amp (which I am playing lap steel through).
Soundcheck was short & sweet. The show was sold out. I was very happy with my set. The Woods kicked ass tonight. I had a blast with my second night on lap steel. Everything is gelling very well.
I am currently in my hotel room at the Portland airport... I need to grab a couple winks before my flight in the morning. More details to come from my December Adventure.