Sunday, June 12, 2011


Literally one month since my last blog entry. I officially suck at this.
Since I last wrote we finished up the California run... with shows in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, & Chula Vista. We left the next day for Mexico. We filmed most of our next video in Costa Careyes, Mexico. Since the video is STILL not out, I can't give any details. It was a fantastic vacation/video shoot. Immediately following my return to Atlanta, I drove to Nashville & cut acoustic guitars for a couple of days in my new record with Mr. Mangano. Tons of errands & such filled my following days... along with one HUGE surprise: Zac gave me a '67 Ford Mustang. I guess he felt like I would appreciate it. AND I DO! It's a pretty awesome car.
Another cache of shows followed that week. Followed by 3 solid nights in my studio playing Hammond organ & electric guitars on my record. I'm having so much fun making this thing. The only drawback is all of the time in between sessions. We finished that week with a one off show to DC... opening for Kenny Chesney at FedEx Field.
This week was 'game on'! Nashville , TN. We had the CMT Music Awards (of which we unexpectedly won an award). We also had our CMA Fest performance a LP Field. All great stuff. Then there was Peoria, IL & Green Bay, WI. We're getting pretty good at playing together. Ha!