Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sacramento, CA

It's hard to do 4 in a row. Lately that's what we've been doing when we've been on the road. Tonight was night two. Last night was Bakersfield. It's strange because we won't sell ANY of the shows this run. Maybe it's strange because we've been selling 17,000+ tickets at EVERY show this year. Last night we struggled to sell 5,000. No one will give me a direct answer other than it was Wednesday & it's not a huge population in & around Bakersfield. I can see that, but they say the rest of the shows will be low too. Maybe it's just bad luck for this run. I dunno.
Anyway, it's been a great couple of shows, performance wise. We've officially been reenergized musically after the studio last week.
I've been hard at work in the gym all week. Maybe one more day in there tomorrow morning… then a couple days off to recoup physically. Also excited that my little lady is joining me on the road tomorrow night. She's a trooper. Ready to see her.