Saturday, November 2, 2013

ZBB Album 4, day two

Considering the late hour last night, the engineering staff on this record was at it rather early this morning. We really didn't get much accomplished today. We ran into some discrepancies with some of the takes from last night. However, they did figure it out (thank goodness). They comped the drum take, punched the bass take in a couple of sections, & Zac replayed his guitar part completely because his tacking pass was all a scratch take… more of a guide track.
Coy punched a couple of sections on the Hammond. Jimmy, Hop, Danny, & I took our parts 'back to formula.' I pretty much played the same thing as last night, just with a different guitar & amp. I'm tickled over the result. As much as I love the sound & the way my Les Paul Junior plays, I'm a Les Paul Standard man at heart.
Zac finished the day by singing the song… many times. I think they'll comp his track tonight. Tomorrow will be background vocals first thing in the morning. Then we'll move on to the next song. Rock.
PS. Go Dawgs.