Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Mend

Yesterday was my first full day being pain free. I wanted to write this yesterday but I didn't want to jinx it & have to take a Tylenol before bed or something. The antibiotic was finished yesterday too.
At least with this surgery, there have been different phases, each lasting multiple days. the 3-4 days immediately after surgery were a blur... that period ended when I quit the pain meds. The next phase was pretty painful in the absence of the pain meds but I was more of myself. I did, however, HAVE to take naps during the day. This new phase definitely feels a lot like me because the pain is gone. Sure, I get a little tired throughout the day, but I'm able to help with the baby (which has been very therapeutic on its own).
I'm looking forward to the rest of this recovery starting with the final & most crucial followup in Boston on Wednesday. We actually don't know the effect of the surgery yet... & won't know the full spectrum for quite a while. At least the surgeon will be able to get to see how everything has settled & healed. Then it will be a lot easier to map out the next two weeks of recovery.
Here's to hoping.