Saturday, March 4, 2017


Well, not one month from my surgery, my surgeon has cleared me for flying... but not without some caution. Hearing has started to come back in that right ear. It should be only getting better from here on out. We will probably have a hearing test in another month. However, I'm far from totally healed. This just means that I can get back to work. Now that the initial healing & approval for flying is out of the way, I have a new set of obstacles. In my line of work, you have to wear in-ear monitors on stage so you can hear everything evenly &, ironically, quietly. It saves your long term hearing infinitely more than standing on a loud stage. These level of monitors are molded to your ear. I hope my ear hasn't changed shape too much. There's really no telling until I try to jam that damn thing in there. It may also hurt to have it in there. We'll see. There aren't too many alternatives to the in-ear monitors. Worst case scenario, I could tape a cotton ball or a foam earplug in there to deaden the sound... then just rely on Ol' Lefty. Again, we'll see.
I am very happy with the results thus far. My wife's family has been such a huge help with our son during this recovery. I feel ALMOST back to normal. In addition to my new son & my new ear, I got my boating certificate for the State of New Hampshire. I also got a new tattoo... to commemorate Charlie. Due to the ear not being fully healed, the location of the tattoo on the opposite side of the body has certainly made sleeping interesting. I don't think things out very well sometimes.
I'll fly home on Monday & then take to the skies on Wednesday for Dublin & this UK run with ZBB. I am anxious & ecstatic to make music again... however I can pull it off.