Sunday, February 4, 2007

Aw shucks!

I've tried to keep up with the blog... but I don't get internet access everywhere on the road. So, I've decided to keep an offline blog during my time away from the net. Here are some exerpts:
Wednesday; The plane left Atlanta around 1pm EST. I got into my hotel room around midnight PST. It was a long trip to Bow, WA. What do beans & Elton John have in common? They are both musical fruits! All I did today was travel. I listened to Nicholas Alan's mixes on the plane ride. I still like them. Nighty night.
Thursday; Today was full of rest. I'm gonna need it. We'll leave the hotel for the airport tonight at 3:30am PST after the show. Sleep is for fairies. I rented "The Descent." It was a horror movie from last year. It was pretty good. A solid B- at least. I played sax & flute tonight with Tucker. It was not as skilled of a performance as David Muse might have given but it worked all the same. I think the place where I really shined was on the Hammond. I've tripled in my ability since last I played with them. It was a good night.
Friday; Chalk today up to traveling back home. It was a long day because of the lack of sleep and the 2 hour lay over. Demitri Martin's new comedy album is amazing. I suggest it if you're into comedy CD's.
Saturday; After sleeping in (in my own bed), I picked Shawn Mullins up at his house. We drove to Gainesville, where Kip Connor had our gear setup for tonight's performance. It was the best gig that we've ever played together. Shawn was still a little sick from his flu type thing last week. It was completely painless. I was home by midnight. Boy am I ready for Super Bowl XLI. Let's do this!