Thursday, February 8, 2007


This is the first time, excluding holidays & special occasions, that I've seen my parents on the same day in quite a while. Although it was only for a minute, I dropped by my Dad's apartment this morning to hand off a CD. Apparently he likes my new song "New Rome." Ofcourse he would probably like it if I pooped on a CD and sold that.
From there I went to eat lunch with Michelle & my Mom in Snellville.
Many errands after that I made my way to Wallace Reed Music. Wallace was my stepfather for many years. He had a lot to do with raising me. He's also my Dad. He moved his store a year ago from Duluth to Suwanee. This was my first time in his new store. I think it was a brilliant move & I'm very happy for him. My brother Josh & I had dinner with him tonight.