Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dibby

Dibby is David Warren, the road manager for The Marshall Tucker Band. He turned 50 this week. At some point this week he booked our last minute tickets to Newark, NJ. Everything was correct on the tickets excpet the month. David booked all of our tickets for March 24th. Apparently, they wouldn't let us check-in a month early. We were lucky enough to get out of Atlanta to Philly. Then we had to rent a car and drive 1 & 1/2 hours to East Brunswick, NJ. All of us were counting on getting to the hotel today at 2pm... then we would all sleep until our 10pm bus call. However, we didn't get to the hotel until 8pm.
I must say... we didn't play a very good show. Barry forgot the form to a song early on in the set. In another song, Doug had us, sort of, start over a song that we had already started. It was just a weird vibe that was hard to shake. And by the time we shook it, it was too late.
We got back to the hotel, we had about 2 hours before we were to leave for the airport. I'm just trying to stay awake. I have to drive a rental car to the Newark airport before our flight. I guess I'll continue this later.