Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V.D.

Most people don't know, but today is not only Valentine's Day but our 7th Anniversary. Michelle & I went on our first day 7 years ago. We ate at a closed Glenn's Bar-B-Q (with my friend Kevin, whose paretns owned it) & saw Leo DiCaprio in "The Beach." Today we visited my Mom & her Mom, as they were left home alone this Valentine's Day. We ate lunch with my sister, Ana, and her boyfriend, Mackie, at Panera in Lawrenceville.
We saw "Music & Lyrics" with Michelle's mother. It was a pretty good movie (for Valentine's Day). I liked it for the subject matter. Hugh Grant did a great Andrew Ridgely... or Clay Cook for that matter.
Dinner was at The Sycamore Grille in the old town of Stone Mountain. It was really good. Ah, what a day.