Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Red Tuxedo Mastering

I kept loading up ye olde iPod today. By the time I was showered and ready to leave the house it was 4pm, Tuesday. I made a dropoff to the studio & then made my way to Red Tuxedo Matering. There, Alex Lowe mastered Nicholas Alan's new album titled "Busker." Alex is very good at what he does.
Shortly after that, I met Kip Connor at The Small Room. He engineered some electric guitar tracks that I played for my new record. I'm getting more excited the more that I work on it. We used Shawn's '60's ES330, my '58 RI Les Paul, & my Custom Shop Nocaster. The amps were my 65 London, '53 Fender Deluxe, '66 Fender Deluxe Reverb, & my '60 Fender Bassman.
Gareth Asher showed up around 11:30pm and we worked on his record for 4 hours. Kip left somewhere in the middle of it. Gareth's album is shaping up to be a gem.