Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Moose!

I was home by 11am. Showered & everything. It was a painless bus ride home. I slept most of the way. I made it to Virginia before I fell asleep.
It's Michelle's birthday today! This is the first time in a while that I've been home for it. I'm glad to have been here. We went to see 'Across the Universe.' I suggest it highly. There's a little bit of cheesy to it... but as long as you can get past the format, it's really good. It also makes you revisit some of the greatest Beatles tunes. I really liked how they went from the Ringo version of 'A Little Help From My Friends' into the Cocker version & back again. Also, Cocker makes a cameo. He sings 'Come Together.' I need Beatles in my ears soon.
Happy Birthday, Moose!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lakewood, NJ

A noon bus call was welcome. We only had a 3 hour trip from the hotel to the gig. No hotel for tonight. We play an early show & will be on the road before dark. We played an AWESOME 45 minute set. Also on the bill tonight was Little Feat, Foghat, & Paul Rodgers. We didn't get to see any of them. I didn't mind. We headed home in a quick fashion.
Not much to report other than that. Go DAWGS!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jim Thorpe, PA

Jim Thorpe was a hell of an athlete for his day. I guess that's why they named a town after him.
Penn's Peak is a venue that has been here for a long time. Every one who draws 1,200 people has played this place. I went over early to do some work on the new guitar. Also, there wasn't much to do at the hotel. However, there was a lot to do at the venue. Great catering, satellite TV, posh green room, & a basketball hoop. I did a little bit of all of it.
The show tonight was loud... again. A boomy, reflective room sounds great - but if you get too loud on the stage, it gets unconfortable in the room. Keith Glenn, our front of house engineer, says that it's a good 'loud.' I believe him.

Richmond, VA

I woke up in Richmond. In fact, we'd been here for a couple of hours when I made my way to my room. I did some repair work on my new Nash TC63. I officially installed the Charlie Christian pickup in the neck position. We'll see how it sounds. No way to tell today. I'm pretty sure I sound better in this band with a Les Paul.
We played the new Toad's Place here in Richmond. It's really, really nice for a club. The room was really loud... but loud in a good rock club kinda way. We started with "Searchin' for a Rainbow." It was a good change from the usual 3 songs that Doug chooses to start with. All in all it was a great night. We're going back to the rooms for showers & will leave town around 3am for the next city. Good on ya!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

EKB, Day Six

I was mixing it up by 9:30am. This stuff was rather easy to do. The songs kinda play themselves. I am very glad to have been a part of this record. Shawn Mullins & Adrianne Gonzalez came over separately to sing some backgrounds on this record. It was an easy day of mixing & managing this thing to the end of its course. Emily has made one fine record. I hope something good happens to her.
I left the studio around 6pm. Michelle & I ordered in for Chinese food. She dropped me off at the airport around 9pm. We're about to pick up the guys at the warehouse in Spartanburg. I'm pretty beat. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

EKB, Day Five

It was a day of misceallaneous overdubs. Nick came by & played a harmonica part & sang a background vocal. I played a few keyboard parts. Emily & Vanessa sang some background vocals. I really started to mix these tunes though.
I rough mixed 10 of 11. They're in a really good place already. That's how we tracked them. There are 2 problem areas from a technical standpoint. There's a little phasing issue on one song. There's also a bleed issue on another. However, I spent some time on those 'problems' & found a decent solution for each. Mixxy, mixxy, mixxy.
The season premiere of "House, M.D." was tonight. It 'feels' better than last season. I like that they're roatating some of the cast. Even thought the original cast was good, I felt that they were becoming stale on screen. I dug is flying V in this episode.

Monday, September 24, 2007

EKB, Day Four

I paid a speeding ticket this morning. Michelle & I forgot about the ticket & lost it some where. My court date was almost a month ago. As far as I know, my license has been suspended. Michelle called this morning & all they did was tack in $100 to the previous fine. I need to quit driving so fast. Cold turkey.
Today was the most uneventful of the Emily Kate Boyd sessions. It consisted of a lot of file administration & listening & making notes. I did a great deal of tiny overdubs today. After a few hours of work, Emily & Vanessa came by around 2pm. We worked til 6pm, so it wasn't much of a day for them.
No matter how little work was done today doesn't discount how good this album is. She truly has come into her own as a writing & singer. I can't wait to finish it & hear the mastered mixes. This year has been monumental as far as improving my recordings. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with my professional progress.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Falcons 0-3

Good luck with that. After a late wake up, Michelle & I saw 'Resident Evil: Extinction.' I'm a sucker for that trilogy. No reason, guilty pleasure. Didn't do much of anything else today. I deserved it. It was the hardest week of the year for me: a record, two gigs, a surprise session, & a vehicle repair situation. Back to rest.

Nebo, NC

Go Dawgs! That's all I have to say about that.
The bus picked me up at the airport at 1pm. We then made our way though the labyrinth of David Warren's awesome road managing (JK). We finally made it to the gig with about an hour to spare. College football is in full-ass-swing at this point. I love football... I love it more in October. That's after next week.
Our gig was a good one. Chris started to loose his voice a little. Also Doug had a less than stellar performance tonight. We still held it together pretty well. Onward home. I should be there by 6am.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Atlanta, GA

I got some good sleep today. I also went to see 'Eastern Promises.' I suggest it. It's not for the squeamish. No Cronenberg movies are: 'Scanners,' 'Videodrome,' 'The Dead Zone,' 'The Fly' (Goldblum), 'Naked Lunch,' 'M. Butterfly,' 'eXistenZ,' 'Spider,' & 'History of Violence.' I'm a fan of all of these films. It's cool also because of the Russian mob thing.
I left the theatre & went straight to Smith's Olde Bar, where I played a set of 4-5 songs tonight. I had a lot of. It's been a while since I've played a gig of my own music.

Friday, September 21, 2007

EKB, Day Three

I got to work early today. I played steel, assorted electric parts, & took some notes for ideas. Emily shoed at 5pm & we started the evening. Nick Niespodziani showed up too. He engineered all of the tracks that I couldn't - because I was playing. I played Hammond, electric guitar, & piano. Mark Cobb showed up & played a song on the snare drum live with Emily playing acoustic & singing. The day's not over & we're way ahead of the game.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

EKB, Day Two

I had my Jeep Cherokee towed yesterday to the mechanic. They fixed it lickety split. It was a crank shaft sensor. Michelle & I picked it up today. The mechanic thought the transmission was slipping. She suggested to take it to a location that was 30 miles round trip - so we did. The transmission guy said all was well with my Jeep. Oh well - at least I KNOW it.
I got to work early to play a little bass on the record. Tonight's session was rudely interrupted by the NARAS sponsored Atlantis Opening Night Party. We went & shook some hands for an hour or two. Emily's friend Vanessa Olivarez hung out & sand some background vocals tonight. We got every song tracked but one. If the last two nights have been cake then tomorrow night is the icing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

EKB, Day One

Got up as late as possible to prepare myself for the day. Not much happened until recording time. I set up for a live session: Emily played acoustic & sang keepers live while Mark Cobb played the drums. We put drums on 7-8 tunes for the record. It's easier to do it this way because we don't have to go back & overdub vocals &/or acoustic guitar.
Emily had a couple of friends come by tonight. Everything went as smooth as silk. This album already sounds great... let's see how I can mess it up.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another day with Tolcher

I spent the first few hours of my day at work mixing something for my friend Pat Ellwood. I then made charts for Mark Cobb for tomorrow's Emily Kate Boyd session. I then set up for an evening tracking Michael Tolcher. We tracked just one song to be used as a demo to pitch the song to his label. I think we did a damn good job. I hope I helped. I'm psyched for tomorrow night, though. Emily's music is amazing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bringing it on home!

From door to door (or hotel to home), I calculate 8 hours travel time. It was only a 3 & a half hour plane ride, but most the time traveling is for getting to the airport, checking in early, waiting, waiting on my guitar at baggage claim, & driving home. Flying is the easy part: all I do is sit & try to entertain myself in one spot.
Michelle has some sort of cold. She's had a tough time staying healthy lately (or should I say un-sick). The Patriots look really, really good. I've been a closet Pats fan ever since college. When I was in my freshman year at Berklee they went to the Super Bowl with Parcells. If they stay healthy, keep this up, & have NO MERCY... they could go undefeated this year. After beating their rivals, The Jets, & pounding (who many thought was) the best roster in footbal in the Chargers, it seems possible. It seems that they only have3 real tests for the rest of the regular season: @ Indy, @ Baltimore, & maybe Pittsburgh at home. However, this league is built on parity. In 2004, the Pats were 12-1 & lost to a 2-11 Miami team. Anything is possible. I'll root for two records this season: the Pats to go 16-0 & the Falcons to go 0-16. Only the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (debut season) have lost all of their games in a regular season. Did you know that the 1990 Pats went 1-15?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cottonwood, AZ

We had a 7:40am flight from St. Louis to Phoenix. It was a rather pleasant trip w/ Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End as the in-flight selection. I got a full 4 hours of sleep in my hotel room before we left at 3:30pm. The Dawgs won today. Then again, they were playing Western Carolina... I didn't even know that they existed, much less had a football team.
The Cottonwood experience was a good one. The best post-Stuart set that we've ever played. Morale was high & the pleying was excellent. Tommy & Toy would've been proud.
The 2 hour drive back to the hotel was one for the books. We had rental vans since we flew out tp AZ. Doug was rather delirious for some reason. He ran 100mph for most of the trip back. Most of us feared for our lives. The evening was capped off by a visit to the In & Out Burger on exit 215 off of I-17. I suggest the experience to everyone.
I have a long travel day tomorrow... beddy bye time.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lake Ozark, MO

I was up by 7:30am rolling out of my bunk. I did a lot of listening to album today. I also did my fair share of preproduction on Emily Kate Boyd's record.
The new Horny Toad is really nice. It's right on the the lake. It's also a real stage. It used to be really crappy. I'm glad they dropped some dough on it. The set tonight was strange. It had it's up & downs. Close to the end of the set, Doug called "Bob Away My Blues," which is a duet between Chris & Doug. He got one line into it & decided to change things up. During that time, our bassist, Pat Ellwood, decided he had time to piss. Well he didn't hear Doug change the song to "Everyday I Have the Blues," which is an uptempo band number. With Pat nowhere in sight, I ran over to the bass rig & picked up the bass & tried to hold it down the best I could. After he came back, I handed the bass off to him & things were back to normal, for a limited time. When it came to the first solo, Chris made a hand motion to me, which was misinterpreted by B.B. So he decided to end the song. Unbeknownst to the rest of the band... but knowst to B.B. I guess we pulled it off, but we were all fairly unconfortable.
I've blocked out the rest of the set. We have an early flight tomorrow. I need to get some sleep.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bus Compression

Nick Niespodziani rode with me to Wallace's store. I needed to buy a couple of cheap acoustics for MTB. We are going to sign them & give them to charity. After dropping Nick off, I met the bus at the airport at 1pm. I forgot the 4 sandwiches I made last night & my toiletry bag. I guess my mind was on something else when I left the house.
We picked up the Spartanburgers at 4pm. We then picked up the Tampa Bay'ers at the Nashville airport at 10PM Central time. West Virginia covered the spread by 1 point. Not much else to report.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let them eat cake

We had a noon appointment to 'design' our wedding cake. It's gonna be pretty cool... & tasty: almond pound cake with buttercream icing. Michelle & I also went to see Rob Zombie's "Halloween." This version gave more insight into Michael Myers. The 1978 version gave you 5 minutes of back story - where this movie gave at least 20-30 minutes. I really enjoyed it. Myers is more terrifying in this version. They used the guy who played Sabertooth in the first X-Men movie.


Perry Farrell is 49 years old. You would never know it by watching him. I attended the Live X at 99X for Farrell's Satellite Party. They were really, really good. Especially at noon.
We had a NARAS meeting at 99X after the Satellite's set. Most of the topics discussed had to do with The Atlantis Music Conference next week. After the meeting I met Ryan McDougal at Inman Perk for a chat. After that I went to Midtown Music to see what was available... something different that I don't already have. I tried a Zemaitis copy, a Firebird, & even a SG. I also thought about a '56 Goldtop RI. I just couldn't find anything that I was comfortable with. Someday my prince will come...
I did some work tonight for my bandmate Pat Ellwood. He needed something mixed, so I volunteered. It took me to midnight.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I had a ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) appointment this morning. I'm having a bit of 'difficulty' with my nose. After that I met Michelle & my Mom for lunch. Then, I ran some errands for Mom. I went to the studio & tried a couple adjustments on a mix for my album on one song. I also am obsessing on a new guitar: a Nash TC-63 - a black '63 Tele Custom. It's routed for a humbucker - I want to put my Charlie Christian pickup in that spot. However... I found out that Herb Avery (who works at 800 East) has that guitar on layaway. I have recently sold a guitar that would've paid for it. In my current situation, if I sell gear - I use the money to buy other gear. Maybe it's time to go shopping!
On a sad note, my new friend Hughie Thomasson passed away last night of a heart attack. He supposedly passed in his sleep. He was the founder, singer, main writer, & guitarist of The Outlaws. The 'Laws touring all summer with us & Charlie Daniels all summer. He & I became buddys. This is very sad & unfortunate. My thoughts go out to his family & friends. I'll miss you Hughie.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

3:10 to Yuma

I was home in record time. Normally I'll wake up when we get to Spartanburg, SC & be up & about 3 hours before re-entry into Atlanta. Michelle & I went to the early showing of '3:10 to Yuma.' I think it's the best western that I've seen in a long time. 'Unforgiven' had a great, entangled story - but not a lot of action. '3:10' was a great action movie too - the plot was simpler, but still good. Most people don't know that '3:10' was a remake of a '50's western film. It's much better & Crowe is a better Ben Wade than Glenn Ford will ever be!
We were in the bed by 5:30pm. Both of us needed some rest from this week.

Wabash, IN

False start! Our gig got rained out. The Dawgs played perhaps the worst game I've ever seen them play - & against Spurrier, no less. I had a bad day. And for all of that, I feel great. I can't expain it. Ya can't win 'em all!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Montgomery, IN

I woke up in the parking lot of an amish-run hotel. Apparently it was the only game in town. I took a nap today. No reason. Because I could I guess. I think naps are underrated. We played The Turkey Trot here in Montgomery. It was really a city fair. Our set was threatened by rain. We played & not an hour later, the bottom fell out. I had a great tone night once again... nothing to blame but the Peter Stroud designed 65 Amps London. I suggest it to ANY serious guitarist (I guess who plays rock, blues, or pop). It may not fit for you gain crazy metal heads.

Colts, son!!!

I spent some time in the studio this morning. I also made a trek to Grinning Elk Guitars in Douglasville. Michelle & I spent some time together before she dropped me off at 7pm. The bus picked a couple of us up at the airport en route to Montgomery, IN via Spartanburg. The time off was short, unexpected, but good.
Tonight was the official start of the NFL season. Even though the halftime score was 10-10, there's no reason to assume that the Colts won't do it again this year. I'll go ahead & make that timid & foolhearty predicition: Colts to win Super Bowl. It's hard to be sure of anything in the NFL. There's just so much parity in that league. It really could be all but 5 teams that make the playoffs. Ya never know!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

At Home

I got in at 5:30am EST. I slept until 1pm. I went to the studio to work on a mix. Work was a 'non-event.' I went started late & went home early. I wasn't even supposed to be in Atlanta this week. Any work is good work. Michelle & I just chilled for the remainder of the day. The '07 DCI Champinoships recap is on ESPN2. Life is good.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

En Route

It was the first time in a long time that I woke up before my alarm went off on a fly day. I guess the 10:15am leave time had something to do with it. Oh, & the fact that I'm in PST (Pacific Standard Time). Our 12:40pm was slam full. No matter, I wore out my iPod to no end. Jimmy Petty (our bus driver) picked us up at the Memphis airport. And there... a new adventure was about to begin. We made our way to Nashville to drop off a couple of guys for a couple of days. When we left on Thursday morning we were told that we would just stay in Memphis. It's funny how fast a plan will change out here on the road. Jimmy took some of us to Atlanta for a night or two. I don't mind. My own bed, dogs, & Moose will be quite comfortable to me. We're in Chattanooga, so I thought I would upload this & continue my other comments for tomorrow's edition.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sausalito, CA

We were on the bus by 5:30am leaving Jonesboro, AR. We had a 9am flight out of Memphis-San Francisco. We're all running on less than 4 hours of sleep. For some reason, I can't sleep on a plane. I've no worry of crashing or turbulence or anything like that. I just can't sleep on a plane (unless truly exhausted or properly medicated). All of us left the airport & went straight to the gig: The Sausalito Arts Festival. The New Riders of the Purple Sage opened up. I love Buddy Cage's steel guitar playing (almost as much as Rusty Young's). The sun was beaming directly on the stage the entire show. BUT... the vibe was fantastic. I don't know if it was how much the people appreciated the music or if it had to do with the Humbolt contact high that everyone received, but it was way fun. We should play here more often. Well, off to the hotel for a FULL night's sleep. Catch you on the east coast.
PS Speaking of east coast: we actually played both coasts - literally, this week. The Virginia Beach gig was on the water & today's gig was right on the Bay. Coast to coast, baby - coast to coast. Oh yeah... & Happy 21st Birthday to my baby sister. She ain't a baby no mo.

Hardee, AR

We left Indianapolis, IN at 6am. I was on the bus by 5. I was pretty wound up after that Georgia game last night. It found it hard to go right to sleep. It toook Jimmy 8 hours to get to the hotel in Jonesboro, AR. We were all pretty tired. I had one the best Cracker Barrel visits I've ever had... topped off with back to back 'one left's on the golf tee/jump game that's on every table.
The Arkanasaw Traveller Theatre (not mispelled) was built like a mini-Hollywood Bowl. We played a great set:
Running Like The Wind
Dog Eat Dog World
Fire on the Mountain
This Ol' Cowboy
Georgia Moon
24 Hours at a Time
Can't You See
Everyday I Have the Blues
Ride of Your Life
I am really tickled all sorts of pink over the result of the 65 Amps London. I've been using it with the Nash Tele & the '59 RI Les Paul. It's different from all the other amps that I've used because it's only 18 watts. I get a great sound at a low volume & get our monitor engineer to pull it up in my monitor. That way, it's not killing everyone on stage with it's volume. Our stage volume is slowly become more comfortable (quieter) over the last month.
Well, early day tomorrow - I must go.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Indianapolis, IN

It was quite a trek from Virginia Beach, VA to Indianapolis, IN. 780 miles to be exact. Jimmy Petty is an awesome force at drive a bus. I'm glad we were able to steal him from his last driving job. It was a short day too. We got here at 1pm & loaded in right away. I got to use the 65 Amps London today. Shooter Jennings opened up for us. He's got a unique style & a great band. For those of you who don't know, his father was the late, great Waylon Jennings. The touch has certainly been passed down.
Our set was:
This Ol' Cowboy
Dog Eat Dog World
Fire on the Mountain
24 Hours at a Time (Long Version)
Georgia Moon
Can't You See (with Shooter Jennings)
Take the Highway
Ride of Your Life
The day ain't over... but we leave at 6am. So I'm gonna go to sleep.
Oklahoma State 14 - Georgia 35. Go Dawgs, Sick 'Em, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!

Virginia Beach, VA

I didn't do anything of consequence today. I listened to some of the songs for my record. I took a few notes.
The Georgia Satellites opened the show tonight. We had a lot of problems with the monitors. Our monitors are on their way to Indianapolis. For reasons unknown, our equipment truck didn't come to Virginia Beach. I played the Nash Tele on a couple of songs tonight. The set list was as follows:
This Ol' Cowboy
Fire on the Mountain
Heard it in a Love Song
Georgia Moon
Can't You See
Dog Eat Dog World
Ride of Your Life
We watched the Flavor Flav Roast on Comedy Central. I suggest it if you're a fan of Roasts. Favorite quote: "Ice-T has been in the game so long that he bought his own freedom."