Friday, November 30, 2007

Verona, NY

Ah, the Turning Stone Casino Showroom! I've played here many times. My first was January of 2000. Some people would consider that a long time ago. It's a pleasure & a joy to play that room. I could see how people could get used to playing some of the posh halls in Vegas. We played well. There was A LOT of improvising going on... some good, some bad. It was all real. It's really cold outside. It's the first time that I've been really cold since March. Really cold = < 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't suggest it, but sometimes it feels good. Like when you haven't felt it in a long time.
Listening: "Silvergun Superman" by Stone Temple Pilots

Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the Move... sorta

Michelle & I had lunch at Moe's. We also dropped by the studio to grab my Everett acoustic & my Les Paul. We went back to the house & she watched The Dog Whisperer while I restrung both guitars. We then left the house by 2:30pm bound for the Atlanta Airport. The bus picked me up & we had an unexpected trip to make: Chris Hicks & Abbit (our new guitar tech) were broke down on the side of I-75 around Griffin, GA. We had to drive 80 miles round-trip out of our way to get them. Not only that, but the loss of time put us right in the middle of rush hour Atlanta traffic. That didn't make Jimmy (our driver) too happy. We finally pulled into Spartanburg around 8pm. Then, Chris had to go to a quick photo shoot for an hour or so. We weren't really "on the road" until almost 10pm. I've spent a full 'shift' on a trip that should've only taken 3 hours. I tried to stay up as late as possible. Even of I get a full 8 hours of sleep I'm going to wake up with hours still left to ride. It could be worse - I could be driving an RV.
Listening: "Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder, from Music from the Motion Picture 'Into the Wild,'
Little known fact: originally performed by the band Indigo

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Conserving my strength

I can't say much happened today. It was just one of those days where I sit down to write in my blog & I have nothing to say. Michelle & I went to Snellville today. She worked while I goofed off. I saw Kip Conner today. We went to Horsetown East to find me a new 'cowboy' shirt to wear on stage with Tucker. I didn't find anything that knocked me out. She found 3 shirts for herself. We also went to Galaxy Music & Guitar Center on the way home. I got some flat wound strings for my Silvertone/Danelectro U1. I have round wound strings on my Danelectro U1. I thought I'd give myself another option to my arsenal.
I really can't wait to get started again on my record. Greg Lee is in The Small Room today & the next few days. I guess I'll have to wait my turn.
These doctor prescribed steroids are making me thirsty & tired.
Listening: "Listen to Her Heart" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tiny Things

Errands... most of you would call them. I went by Mark Cobb's house to examine his basement. He's going to build a studio in there. I guess he wanted some advice. Michelle & I had dinner at Picadilly. It's been a while. I also got some stuff from Radio Shack for the studio. Other than that... we've been home bodies. Were welcoming the Holiday Season with open arms this year.
Also, I saw "The Namesake" today. It was really great. It makes me want a family. Weird!
Listening to: The new Devo tune from the Dell commercial. It's called "Watch Us Work It." I can't say anything bad about Devo. They are TRUE artists. This song was commissioned by Dell. There's no new record. It's the new world order. At least for dance music.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Acid Reflux, I challenged you to a duel...

... & you won! Apparently my ailment of the last 5 weeks or so has been attributed to acid reflux. There are still some tests to be had but it all makes perfect sense. Evidently Coca Cola is some pretty nasty stuff chemically. My body was doing its best as I poured a market friendly acid down my throat a few times a day.
My new prescription of Nexium costs $150/month. Screw that! I'm changing my ways. For real. Get out of my way!
Oh yeah, I did a little work around the studio. I'm almost finished accomplishing my vision of what The Small Room should be.
Listening to: The Who "I Can't Explain"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Day to Rest

I was up at a reasonable time... considering the past two days. Michelle & I saw off Maureen on her way back to Nashville. We saw the new movie "I'm Not There." It was hard to watch. Dylan is pretty interesting. I can't speak much for the rest of the day. I needed this.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Atlanta, GA

The bus dropped me off at 5:45am at the Atlanta airport. I drove home & crashed. I got up at noon. I met Marty Kearns at the studio to load all my stuff & my Hammond & Leslie. We carted all of that in 2 trips each to the Variety Playhouse. It was a special day - all around. Georgia beat Georgia Tech. They filmed a DVD of tonight's show. They even put a grand piano up on stage. It kick lots of ass. Peter Stroud, Marty Kearns, Patrick Blanchard, Gerry Hansen, & I all backed Shawn up tonight. Even Francine Reed got up & sand a couple of tunes with us.
Marty & I were finished unloading everything in the studio by 2am. I also got to pig out on Savage Pizza after all that. Today was a good day.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Auburn, AL

I spent most of the day with Michelle & Maureen Murphy (Thanksgiving house guest, amazing singer, & longtime friend). We saw Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It's hard not to like Natalie Portman. The bus picked me up at the airport at 9pm. We played a frat party the night before the Iron Bowl a.k.a. Auburn vs. Alabama. It was 28 degrees when we went on. It was a good set though. I have to go to sleep. I have a noon wake up call tomorrow.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a dozen folks over for lunch. Today was a good day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mullins rehearsal, take 2

It's true. I slept in. I'm STILL trying to shake the funk & be useful. We had another rehearsal tonight. Everything's sounding real nice. Shawn & I had dinner at 'Across the Street,' a mexican resteraunt that just opened near the studio. It's a little pricey... but really good!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

0 to 60

I was at the studio at 9:45am for another Michael Tolcher (pictured) demo session. He's getting his new songs down on CD for his record company. I came home for a couple of hours before returning to the studio. I was there at 4pm to start setting up for a Shawn Mullins band rehearsal. Gerry Hansen on drums, Patrick Blanchard on bass, Marty Kearns on Hammond, Peter Stroud on electric guitar, & me on everything else. Kip pretty much brought a PA for us to reinforce vocals. It was a great rehearsal. How could it not? This band is pretty much "The Heartbreakers." As far as I'm concerned, it's the best band in Atlanta. It's gonna be a good show on Saturday.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Grocery, moving guitars from one place to another, cleaning... just everyday stuff. When you're on the road 4-5 days a week, you only have one day to get a week's worth of chores done. I guess I'm lucky to have the one day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I guess you could chaulk ALL of today up to travel. 'The Atlanta Boys' were lucky enough to sleep in & get a direct flight. It was a pretty non-offensive flight. I tried to sleep, but I already got enough sleep last night. Oh well.
I was in my own bed by 10pm. I can't complain.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Early morning flight. Our hotel is near the John Wayne Santa Ana airport. Which is good because my Dad & brother live very close. They picked me up around 1pm & we went to Johnny Rockets & to see "Beowulf" in 3-D. I highly suggest it in 3-D. I could see how it would be boring in 'normal vision.' It was different. I was really excited from the different previews: Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd," Brandon Fraser in a 3-D "Journey to the Center of the Earth," & an another animated 3-D movie (I've already forgotten the title).
Our gig was late tonight. Billy Yates sat in with us. Chris' friend Buster brought some guitars for them to play. Chris played a 1953 Les Paul that was converted to '58 specs. Billy played a '56 Strat. Those were amazing guitars. The set tonight was as good as we've ever played... & on rental gear no less.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Las Vegas, NV

I spent as much time indoors as I could. I had buffet. We loaded in downstairs at 2pm. I also watched the most recent "Harry Potter" in my room. $10... I think I paid that to see it in the theatre.
We played the showroom at the Boulder Station Casino (which is also where we stayed). It was a nice room. I'd say it held 350. It was a good crowd. Doug didn't seem like he was having fun. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Los Angeles, CA

We left the hotel at noon for the airport. We're using Vegas as a 'base of operations' for this weekend. Cheap hotels I guess.
We flew to L.A. to play a radio thang for KLOS 95.5. It was an acoustic set. We even rented acoustic guitars. We were in & out. I wish more gigs were like this. And now... back to Vegas!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

... to Vegas & beyond

I left the house around 6:15pm for my 9:15pm flight. I passed through security at the airport at a clip that I have never in Atlanta. I walked right up to the 'ticket inspector' at pretty much walked right through the security gate. I guess the best time to fly is week nights. I usually don't get to fly during that time though.
It was a perfect flight. We left on time, no turbulence, I 'wanted for nothing,' 2 movies, I had new reading material, new listening material, & we landed early. Our rooms were ready & waiting on us. Time to sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

... nothing to do about NARAS

I attended the NARAS board of governors meeting today. That was pretty much it. We also went to the grocery store. I feel kind of useless on my days off lately. I just want to get better. High hopes I guess.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I did the most "nothing" that I could do today. I'm trying to shake this funk in my throat. I probably should go back to the doctor. Maybe after this weekend's trip.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where Everybody is Somebody

Michelle & I went to see her parents in Snellville today. We also did a little clothes shopping. Which was good because I haven't bought clothes in quite a while. We also had dinner with Mom. I guess this would be a normal Sunday for a normal person... my schedule has never allowed for that.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spindale, NC

Dawgs beat Auburn. We may be able to salvage this season. Only if Tennessee will trip up.
We played a really nice theatre at Isothermal College in Spindale, NC. It was only 30 miles from Spartanburg so the trip home will be easy.
The gig was short & sweet. I'm still having trouble with my throat. I don't know what to do about it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Raleigh, NC

Boy am I sore. Once I got off the bus, ate breakfast, & got my room, I didn't do much. I watched The Godfather Part 2. I also watched a lot of ESPN & a Neil Young critical review DVD. There was a lot of dozing off today. I needed the rest. My body was DONE, SON! I still haven't shaken this throat thang.
We played for The American Cancer Society tonight. It was an easy gig. These private events are so chilled out. It was just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended).

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Atlanta, GA

I got up early. Early for a 1am bedtime. Dad & I left my house around 10:15am. We picked up a truck & filled it with his stored furniture. He wore my out-of-shape ass out. He was on his way to western Florida by 4pm. I was tired. I took a 3 hour nap. Michelle took me to Andrews Upstairs where I met the band (Marshall Tucker). We played a private gig for a tobacco company who sponsored our our this year. The gig was short, sweet, well played, & easy. I was in my PJ's & in my bunk by 11pm. Sleepy time!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Decatur, GA

I tried to rest over the past 3 days. I've been trying to shake the sick. I have some sort of malady in my throat. The worst part is that I'm almost out of antibiotics. I should've been resting for the past week. My dumb ass plays shows, goes to footbal games, & plays sessions. I'll learn one of these days... I think.
The gig tonight was the "Super Happy Fun Time Hour." Everyone did great. I was lucky to NOT run out of ideas. I was constantly inspired by the crowd & the other artists who played the show with me. Mark Cobb was amazing. The impromptu version of "Neon" was classic. I can't wait to hear the CD. Mark is a great musician. Also, Shalom Albere did a great job with the sound. Gareth, Bieser, & EKB were also great!
Matthew Kahler & Eddie Owen did a great rendition (with me in tow) of a song about the late Uncle Mark Reynolds. I love this venue.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bed Bug

Sleep. Rest. Shower. Eat. TV. Internet. Read. Rest. Guitar. TV. Rest. Sleep.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I had an 8:15am appointment across town. It was so early, that when it was done I went to Music-Go-Round and realized that they didn't open for another hour. Sheesh! What an idiot.
I got my hearing checked. My hearing is better than it was in January of '06. I love ear plugs.
I spent the rest of the day trying to rest. I must admit though, I did some guitar playing in the basement.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Recoup? Maybe.

Pats win! In their only predestined trail of the year, the Patriots win small... but win. I spent most of the time in the bed. I've tried to take advantage of the weekend off. It's the first 'vacation' in a while. I didn't do a good job with relaxing on Friday or Saturday. I did so today.
Michelle got a wild hair for Cracker Barrel. It was mighty good. I like wild hairs.

Dawgs trump Trojans... in person!

I had the chance to attend a Georgia Bulldogs football game today. Troy University seems like a feeble opponent, but they are actually very, very good. They recently beat the pants off of Oklahoma State. Without our Knowshon Moreno, they would have beat us today. The freshman had 190+ yards in the win.
Although I had a blast, I'm sure that I've made myself a little more sick than the day before. I feel the funk coming on!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Workin' for a Living

I played keys all day for a Greg Lee produced record. It was Hammond, piano, & rhodes. I also did some acoustic guitar & mandolin. It was an all day affair. I'm pretty bushed. But then again, the key of C# will do that to you.

Atlanta, GA

I finished transfering & QC'ing Emily Kate Boyd's tracks today. Her mastering session is tomorrow with Alex Lowe. After a little shopping we came home & I played guitar for a little while.
I played "Writer's in the Round" with Zac Brown, John Hopkins, Chris Brown, Coy Bowles, & Oliver Wood at The Five Spot in Little Five Points. It was a lot of fun. Olvier Wood is a bad ass mother! Catch him anytime he plays near you.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

I slept in with a vengence. After I finally got out of the bed, Michelle & I had Mexican food. John Mayer sent me an amp. I brought it home from the studio & played it; getting accustomed to it & all. It's really great. It's a Two Rock Custom Reveb Signature 1x12 combo. I suggest it.
Another thing I suggest is Saw IV - but it doesn't stand on it's own. You have to see the other 3 movies. It's a really, really good addition to the others. It kinda sums everything up.
Happy Halloween!