Monday, January 12, 2009

Back from the Skynyrd Cruise

I left Atlanta on Tuesday night. I played with Tucker on Wednesday night in Largo, FL. It was a pretty decent show.
I met up with Michelle in Miami late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.
We played three times on the boat. I'll admit, I kinda expected & prepared for the worst - what we got was the best. It was three great shows. If it was useless music at all - it only lasted for less than 2 minutes.
A bunch of folks jammed with us - .38 Special's Don Barnes & Bobby Capps, Francisco Vidal, Scott Little, Walter Ray, Molly Hatchet's Dave Hlubek, & a long list of others.
I got to jam with Franny & Blackberry Smoke. I really like those guys. Charlie Star of Blackberry Smoke is the real deal.
Michelle & I had a blast. It was a great trip all the way through. I can't wait for this week - even though the vibe of The Rock Boat isn't nearly as cool as the Skynyrd boat, I'm still looking forward to it.
I need rest now.