Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Foxboro, MA (sorta)

I normally update at the end of each day. I've left you hangin' for quite a while. Plus, I won't include tonight's show in the update - because it hasn't happened yet.
Michelle & I accompanied the Zac Brown Band (& others) to Miami via bus. We had a whole day of in Miami. Michelle & I visited South Beach together. That was pretty wild - even in January.
The Rock Boat was rather tame this year. We were on a bigger boat than last year. I got to jam with Blackberry Smoke, Sister Hazel, & Aslyn. They also gave me my own little impromptu show. Matt Mangano & Josh Robinson accompanied me on a few. Coy Bowles got up & played some slide on a couple. Then, we finished it off with me sittin' in again with Blackberry Smoke for a couple of tunes. We did Little Feat's "Willin'" & Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road." What great time.
The ZBB played 3 sets. The last being on the Lido Deck at 11:30pm. We ended up playing for 3+ hours. It was really windy, I was tired, I didn't hydrate enough, & I sang that high harmony for too long. That's when I started my current sinus infection.
Since then I sang two shows with Marshall Tucker & visited the doctor. I can feel it on it's way out of me. I'm pretty glad for it.
I'm slowly putting together my permanent 'Zac Brown' rig. I've decided to actually take my steel guitar situation very seriously. Only the best now.
I bought a mint condition 1968 Fender Twin Reverb from a dealer in town. It belonged to only one man who played steel guitar with it in a smoke free environment until 1994. Since then, it's been sitting in that man's extra bed room. I've got big plans for it. I'll keep up updated on the conversion.
I got on the bus yesterday for my last run with Marshall Tucker. We left Atlanta at 3pm & pulled into Foxboro, MA around 1pm today. 22 hours on a bus will get you two things: bored & well rested. I was both when we pulled up. See you tomorrow.