Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Got My Hairs Cut

Michelle & I ran another gaggle of errands today. We both got haircuts. I got a lot lopped off (as you can tell). I also picked up my newly repaired Saturn. What damn fine car! She ain't pretty. She's never been pretty - but I've beat that thing & she won't die. I've had her since 1999. She's done more than her share at this point.
We had dinner & I picked up my newly adjusted MDX Missycaster. Dwight Maddox did a bang up job on this instrument. I like it so much that I'm bringing it out for the next week of Marshall Tucker dates (including The Simple Man Cruise).
I've done some pretty strategic packing for the next week. I hope I haven't forgotten anything (but I always do).
I hope that I'll find some internet access tomorrow. I know that I'll surely NOT have any on the boat. SO don't be upset when I can't update the blog until Tuesday next.