Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nashville, TN

I got 5 hours of sleep last night. I had to drop the boys off at the groomers on the way out of town. I met the bus in Smyrna around 9:30am. I hit the bunk & didn't wake up until half an hour outside of Nashville.
I experience what, I think, would be a typical day with the Zac Brown Band. The crew loaded in. After an hour & a half, I made my way to the stage to set up my stuff (they don't know how to set up a steel guitar yet - but they'll learn). Then, a soundcheck. Then dinner. Then hanging out - then the show.
With The Marshall Tucker Band we get hotel rooms during the day. I get real lethargic in that setting. Sure it's good for rest - but I had opportunities to rest all day in this setting. Sure you don't have ultimate privacy of a hotel room, but I never really needed that.
With Shawn Mullins, we were in an RV. No privacy at all. Not much time to rest either. But it sure was fun. This new situation is my favorite parts of the other situations - best of both worlds if you will.
The show tonight was a little looser on my part. I think I got a little too relaxed after last night's success. However, all of the musicians that I talked to didn't notice any of my mistakes. I guess it's just me being hard on myself. I expect a lot of me - all the time.
I hung out with Matt Mangano, his girl Emily, & Maureen Murphy after the show. I'm about to hit the bunk... around 2am.
Big props to our crew & Lynn Oliver (they make the show happen as much as we do).