Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phoenixville, PA

Holy Crap! I wasn't fully prepared for this weather. The heaviest things that I brought were a thermal shirt & a hoodie. I'm such a dumb ass sometimes.
Last night's show was pretty par... at least sans Chris Hicks. I'm a little fuzzy over where Chris is this weekend. We've got enough bodies on stage but it's still a little weird without him. We played at a new club that's attached to Foxboro Stadium. It was a really nice room. It's what BB King's (in times square) wants to be when it grows up.
We left from the gig last night for Phoenixville, which is a 45+ minute drive to Philly.
The place we played tonight was called the Colonial Theatre. Its claim to fame was that they filmed 1959's "The Blob" here. The room would've been fantastic for an acoustic band. Not so much for a loud rock band. The room actually roared. The played was good though. I think that pace & the crowd was a great combination. I think every one had a good night. I know I did. My voice isn't all the way back but I feel great; great compared to, say, 3 days ago. Antibiotics are amazing things.
I get to sleep in a stationary bed tonight. Yay!