Monday, August 31, 2009


I left the house for the studio around midday. I worked on finishing my album; printing final mixes. I put an hour or two in before lunch & my sojourn back home. After lunch I was interviewed by band mate Coy Bowles. It covered everything. 0-31 years. It was for a book that he's putting together about the band & our beginnings. I think it's a grand idea. It, however, took handful of hours to complete.
After that, it was at a bad hour to drive in Atlanta, so Michelle & I invited Coy to dinner.
I spent most of the evening watching the ABC special about the CMAFest. I watched the first two hours to no avail. I left the house around 9:50pm to go see a friend's band at Smith's Olde Bar. The were really good. A great end to a good day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


... & I'm back. Full force, y'all! I've revamped the website & myspace & such. I've finished my album (well, almost... need to master). I've had a month off (even though I worked in the studio quite a bit). I would've worked every day that I've been home, but my client (& my boss, Zac Brown) has been waiting for his wife to give birth. This will be #3 or them. I dig the time off though. The new Zac Brown Band fall dates are mostly confirmed & announced. This fall will be very eventful. Monday night, we'll be on ABC on the CMA special. It was a great show. I think they'll only show one song though. Fine with me.
Anyway, as some of you know, I'm pretty obsessed with musical gear. I've been trading a lot in the past 2 weeks. I have one more trade left & I'll divulge all of my new acquisitions.
It's just all very exciting. I got to sit in with The Marshall Tucker Band this past Friday at the Mable House Ampitheatre near Atlanta. It was great to see those guys. I really do love them. I'm going to get back in the habit of blogging. Here we go!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here I am with Forrest Gump's daddy, on vacation! Since I wrote last we participated in the taping of Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Special for CMT. I know, I know... Christmas in July. I guess they found a whole in everyone's calendars & don't have to rush the editing process this way. Way to think economically, Larry.
Anyway, that was in Nashville for a few days. Michelle came with. It's been a pretty relaxing time over the past week. I spent 12+ hours over two days in the studio trying to finish my record & finish Gareth Asher's record. Both are destined to complete at the same time some how. His is a year in progress due to my schedule. Mine is a month in progress due to my schedule.
We had a birthday party for both Zac Brown & Jimmy De Martini at Dixie Tavern on Friday night. It was the usual debauchery.
Zac has commissioned 3 records to be recorded at the studio over the next month. They are for the 3 artists that are on his new label. I set up for that with John Kelton & John Hopkins during most of Saturday.
I left with the fam on Sunday for vacation. The reason that I'm writing this now & not relaxing is because I actually have time to write this now. You shouldn't hear from me for the next week though. Hey, what's new?